Mushroom Bowl: Season 1 Finale
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Match 11
Mushroom Faction

Wario vs Daisy

Announcer: Bombette
Referee: Lemmy

Bombette: Welcome, sports fans, to the penultimate semifinal of the Mushroom B-

SC: SPARKZ!! What is the meaning of this?!

Sparkz: Raichu raichu?

SC: Don't play dumb with me, young man! I needed you to give a semi-lethal dose of electricity to Amazee Dayzee after her prediction was wrong last match, and I found you ran off with her to go out on a date?!

Sparkz: Raichu! Raichu raichu!

SC: IT IS NOT LOVE!! I know love, and that is not it!!

Lemmy: They're gonna be at it for awhile. Just keep going, Bob-omb.

Bombette: Smart idea....

Two blue pipes rise in opposite corners of the Battle Pit.

Bombette: For those of you that can hear over the racket of our promoter and electric-chair runner, in this corner, the man with as questionable hygiene as you can get in an E10+ game, Wario!

Wario hops out of one pipe.

Wario: It's WARIO time!!

Bombette: And in the other, the mistress of Keyblade-weld sports equipment, Princess Daisy!

Daisy emerges from the other pipe.

Daisy: I'll show you the power of the tomboy!

Lemmy: ...That was a lame intro.

Bombette: And now for the promotor to roll the die to determine the prediction guy for this round.



Bombette: ...Lemmy, you do it.

Lemmy: Fine, if it'll get this over with quicker. *rolls die* The result is a 5. Who's the number 5 person?

A green pipe rises in front of the electric chair.

Bombette: According to this paper I have here, number 5 on the prediction die is our own military mind in the Marioverse, General Guy!

General Guy emerges from the green pipe.

General Guy: Ten hut! General Guy ready for prediction- Sir?

SC: No you listen!

Sparkz: Rai rai rai!

SC: No you listen!

Sparkz: Rai rai rai!

Bombette: The boss is currently unavailable at the moment, General Guy. Your prediction, please? Wario verses Daisy, who do you think will win?

General Guy: Hm... This will be a close one. Wario is an very experienced treasure hunter and combat fighter, as well as a brute powerhouse, while Daisy, while lacking in experience, is quick, nimble, and knows how to use those golf clubs. In addition, Wario won his previous match in this tournament due to a random event, while Daisy won through her own power. All things considered though, I'm going to go with Wario because he could probably break all of Daisy's equipment over his knee.

Bombette: Wario it is. And um, how about we just take you off the list without shocking you?

General Guy: Sounds good to me.

SC: No you listen!

Sparkz: Rai rai rai!

SC: No you listen!

Sparkz: Rai rai rai!

Lemmy: Not that I care, but they're going to spoil the match if they keep arguing.

Bombette: I'll handle this.

sssssssss... BOOOOM!!

SC: DEOW!! (cough cough) What the hell is wrong, Bombette?! Can't you see I'm trying to lecture Sparkz on how running away to date a pop idol is wrong?

Sparkz: (cough) Rai raichu...

Bombette: Yes, I know that's important, but you can't spend all day doing that. We have a Mushroom Bowl match today.

SC: Ah yes, I nearly forgot. Man I'm gonna hate having kids. So, get to announcing the fighters.

Bombette: We already did all the pre-match stuff. We just need you to ring the bell.

SC: (sigh) I suppose that's what I get for not paying attention. Again. Let's just go. (rings bell)

Lemmy: (blows whistle)

Wario: Earthshake Punch!


Daisy: Whoa- oof!

Bombette: Wario opened the match by punching the ground, creating a quick earthquake that caused Daisy to fall down!

Wario: Wario Dash!

Daisy: Not so fast! Racket Guard!


Bombette: Amazing! Wario tried to dash either into or over Daisy, but she raised a racket to shield herself! Now Wario's pushing on the racket, trying to get Daisy to loosen her grip!

Daisy: Watch your step! Golf Club Swing!


Wario: What the-?!


Daisy: Bat Swing!


Wario: Ow.


Bombette: Whoa! Daisy tripped Wario with a golf club, causing Wario to fall down, then Daisy hit him across the pit and into the wall with her baseball bat!

SC: Heh. Who knew she had it in her, knocking that tub of lard away?

Daisy: Had enough yet?

Wario: After what the dorky-looking fox said, no way! Earthshake Punch!

Daisy: Jump!


Wario: Dangit!

Bombette: Wario tried to shake the ground again, but Daisy managed to jump and avoid it!

Daisy: Ariel Strike!


Wario: Ow! How dare you hit the great WARIO!

Bombette: Daisy turned her leap into an attack and hit Wario several times with the bat!

Wario: Wario Dash!

Daisy: Oof!

Bombette: And Wario took advantage of Daisy being busy landing to ram her to the ground!

Wario: Grab!

Daisy: Hey, unhand me, you brute!

Wario: Thanks for the compliment! Mega Toss!

Daisy: WaAAAaaaaAAAaaaa-


Daisy: Oh dear... everything hurts...

Bombette: Wario grabbed Daisy off the ground and threw her hard into the wall! That has gotta hurt, folks!

General Guy: By my calcuations, admir- sir, this is the longest you've gone since the start of a match without starting a Random Event.

SC: Well now that the author's out of college, I think he has more time to do some interesting writing. No more "scared of cats" copout, I think.

General Guy: ...Huh?

SC: I don't have to. This is entrtainment enough.

General Guy: Ah.

Wario: How's about you give up now before WARIO has to start putting effort into it?

Daisy: Grr... Firaga!



Bombette: Mama mia, Daisy just threw a large blast of fire from her bat and hit Wario! But it doesn't seem to be doing any damage, just seems to be causing him to run around the pit with his clothes on fire.

Daisy: Hey watch it, you almost ran me over!


Daisy: Why don't you chill?! Bizzarga!


Wario: Waa! WARIO hates when that happens.

Bombette: Daisy threw an ice attack at Wario, which deep-froze him and slid him across the pit, but he only broke out, fire extinquished, when he hit the pit wall! And amazingly, neither of those attacks seems to have done any actual damage to the portly plumber!

SC: OK, now I think I'll have a Random Event just on principle. Go!

Bombette: And there go the slots and the result is... One, three, and three! That adds up to seven, which is the rolling dice spawning enemies I believe.

Wario: Whoa!

Daisy: Dodge Roll!

Bombette: Both contestants dodge the large dice as they land and they open up! An X-Naut from the 5 and a Chargin' Chuck from the 6, that much we know, but from the 2 emerges an ordinary Koopa Troopa.

Koopa: Hey, what am I doing here? I was sitting at home and watching my favorite wrestling match on TV. Today is between this strong fat guy and this small quick girl in an orange dress-

Wario: Stomp!

Koopa: OW! Hey I need that shell!

Wario: WARIO needs it more! Grab! Mega Toss!!

Koopa: OW! *poof*

X-Naut: Ouch! I didn't get to do anything again!


Chargin' Chuck: Barely a breeze across the field.

Bombette: Wario stomped on the Koopa, expelling it from its shell, then picked up the shell and threw it, taking out the Koopa and the X-Naut, but it dinged against and disappeared when it hit the Chargin' Chuck!

Wario: So you think you're tougher than WARIO, pugsy?!

Chargin' Chuck: I'm not sure what that insult meant, but yeah I think I do.

Wario: Wario Dash!

Daisy: Strike Raid!

Wario: OW! No fair, attacking WARIO like that!

Bombette: Wario tried to attack the Chargin' Chuck, but Daisy threw her golf club like a boomerang and hit him while he was charging!

Chargin' Chuck: Hike!


Wario: Ow!

Bombette: The Chargin' Chuck has hit Wario in the head with a football.

Wario: WARIO's had it, you pugsies! Wario Bike!!


Chargin' Chuck: Ooh! *poof*

Daisy: Wha-aaa!

Wario: Ha ha! That's now it's done, WARIO style!

Bombette: Astonding! Wario pulled his motorbike out of thin air and ran over Daisy and the Chargin' Chuck with it, causing the Chargin' Chuck to disappear while Daisy's peeling herself off the floor!


Wario: Waa! No fair!

Bombette: And he just crashed into the pit wall, destroying the motorbike in the process. Daisy's looking pretty warn down though...

Daisy: Cure!

Bombette: Daisy used her golf club to cast a spell that healed some of her injuries! She's getting back up!

Wario: Stay down, before WARIO has to give you some more of his medicine! Wario Dash!

Daisy: Stopra!

Wario: Huh?! Why isn't WARIO moving?!

Daisy: Ars Arcanum!


Wario: Whaaaa!

Bombette: Wow! Daisy used magic to freeze Wario in his tracks, then sent him flying with a strong combo attack!

Wario: You won't deter WARIO so easily! Mega Toss! Mega Toss! Mega Toss!

Daisy: Whoa! Guard! Guard! Guard!

Bombette: Look at this, folks! Wario is grabbing pieces of his broken motorcycle and throwing them at Daisy at great speed! However, she's managing to block every one of his shots with either the golf club or bat!

Wario: Mega Toss! Mega Toss! Mega Toss! MEGA TOSS!

Daisy: Guard! Guard! Guard Gua- ow! My arm!

Wario: Wha ha ha!

Bombette: Except for that last one.

Wario: Earthshake Punch!


Wario: Wario Dash!

Daisy: Whoa- ouch!!


Bombette: Wario took advantage of Daisy being injured to shake up her balance and bowl her over with a dash attack!

SC: Man, I'm starting to think this is the longest match on record. But let's have a Random Event anyways. Go, Random Event Slots!

Bombette: And the results are... One! One! Four! The sum is six, and that means... I don't know what that means.

SC: I'll tell you what it means. It means the return of a popular classic.

Chain Chomps: Arf arf arf arf arf arf!

Bombette: I was wondering why you didn't get rid of the Chain Chomps.

Daisy: Whoa oh!

Wario: Mamamia, not again!

Chain Chomps: Arf arf ARF ARF!!

Wario: I'm-a not goin' through this again! Earthshake Punch!


Daisy: Wa- oof!

Chain Chomps: Arf arf...

Bombette: Whoa! Wario's earthquaking punch stunned all the Chain Chomps!

Wario: Now it's WARIO time! Grab! Wild-Swing-Ding!!

whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-WHOOSH-and so on and so forth...

Chain Chomps: Arf!! Arf!! Arf!! Arf!!

Bombette: Astounding, folks! Wario grabbed the closest Chomp by the chain and started swinging it around like a huge hammer! And it's knocking the other stunned Chomps it hits out of the pit-

Audience: YEEEEEEEK!!!

Bombette: ...and into the audience. Great. That'll help attendance.

Wario: Get outta here!!

Daisy: Dodge Roll!


Chain Chomp: Arf arf aaaaaaaarf...

Wario: What were you doing dodging WARIO's shot, you pansy?!

Daisy: If I can't win, fatso, I'd at least like to survive.

Bombette: Wario flung the Chomp at Daisy, but she managed to sumersault out of the way, resulting in the Chomp slamming and embedding itself the wall!

SC: Hey Wario, you're paying for the damages!

Wario: Don't-a be silly! WARIO pays for no man!

Daisy: Pay THIS! Home Run!


Wario: Waa- oof!

Bombette: Daisy made use of the distraction to bat Wario into the wall!

Wario: Grab! Mega Toss!


Daisy: Dodge Roll!


Bombette: Wario had landed next to the embedded Chain Chomp, which he grabbed by the chain and threw at Daisy, but she managed to dodge it again! It bounced off the other wall, leaving a deep dent, and landed on the pit ground.

Daisy: No way a fat idiot like you could possibly beat agile little me! Hee hee~

Wario: Grr... Enough! Time for my ultimate attack! I've been saving it up for just this sort of moment!

SC: Oh no! He's gonna do it!!

Wario: Wario Waft!



Lemmy: Ye DAD, I can't breathe!

SC: The horror, the horror! This four odor, it cannot be human!

Bombette: (cough cough) PW, Wario just cut one huge cheese and filled the Bowl with a (cough) noxious green cloud! (cough) It's pretty hard to see, folks-that-are-still-conscious!

Wario: (deep sniff) Ah, the sweet scent of me. Wha ha ha!

Daisy: Trinity Limit!

Wario: WHAT THE-?!


Wario: Oof... War... Ee... Oh that hurt... Oof.

Lemmy: Match over! Daisy wins!

Bombette: Amazing! I'm not sure what happened, but Daisy somehow managed to stay conscious and throw one really powerful attack that finally managed to K. O. Wario! And it seems like it blew away all of Wario's flatuence as well. An astonding victory to be sure, and certainly unexpected! Congradulations, Daisy! Do you want to be the referee or the announcer for the next match?

Daisy: I sorta liked being the referee. I'll do that again.

Bombette: And that's all for tonight's astonding Mushroom Bowl battle! End trans-


Sparkz: RAI RAICHU!!

General Guy: A good soldier knows when it's time to retreat, and Admiral, this is that time!


Bombette: Er... end trasnsmission!

Sparkz: Raiiiiii... CHUUUUUUUUUU!!

This Game's Winner Is...


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