Mushroom Bowl: Season 1 Finale
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Match 7
Mushroom Faction

Mario vs Yoshi

Announcer: Bombette
Referee: Roy

Bombette: When was the last time there was a Mushroom Bowl battle? First season's been going on for over a year now or something.

SC: According to my records, the last match was back in March.

Dicer: Whoo-ie. We really need to catch up on this.

SC: Worst part is Doopliss quit during the downtime. Something about not being respected. Now we lost our running gag.

Bombette: I'm sure we can always come up with another one later.

SC: Yeah, you're right. Start the match, we'll see what happens.

Bombette: Welcome, sports fans, to another exciting Mushroom Bowl battle, still surprisingly in the first season! Our referee for today is the Koopa Kid that exchanged his brain for more muscles, Roy Koopa!

Roy: Finally! I've been waiting for months! ...Hey wait a-

Two blue pipes emerge in the corners of the battle pit.

Bombette: And here are your Mushroom Faction fighters! In this corner, the man in red, Mr. Video Game himself, Super Marioooooooooo!

Mario emerges from the blue pipe like he does in Brawl.

Mario: It's-a me, Mario!

Bombette: And in the other corner, the green dino with a 'tude and one helluva tounge, Yoshi!

A large Yoshi egg pops up from the blue pipe as it retracts, and it bursts in mid-air into Yoshi.

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Bombette: Looks like it's going to be a classic fight between two old friends.

Roy: More like two dumb morons. (laughs)

SC: Ignoring that. (rolls prediction die) 6 again? The new guy already? Or rather, new girl?

The green pipe emerges and spits out an Amazee Dayzee.

Amazee Dayzee: Hello!

The Red Glove Grabbers stuff Amazee into the electric chair and strap her in.

Amazee: Hey! This is no way to treat a pop idol!

Bombette: She's a singer?

SC: Yep. Won Mushroom Idol a few months ago.

Bombette: Then what's she doing here?

Amazee: See, I sorta asked the Game Over for a favor to... y'know... rig the competition.

SC: She owes me her career, so in return, I put her on the prediction die.

Amazee: You didn't say anything about giant red hands stuffing me in an electric chair, though.

SC: Live and learn, huh? Anyway, make your prediction. Will Mario or Yoshi win this match?

Amazee: Mario, hands down. The guy's got experience going back years.

SC: That's what she says, but will she be right... or be shocked?

Sparkz the Raichu: Raichu raichu...

SC: Oh c'mon now, you can't possibly tell me you don't want to shock her!

Sparkz: Rai raichu!

SC: You're the leader of her fan club?!

Amazee: Really? Always a pleasure to meet my fans!

Sparkz: (blushing) Raichu...

SC: Snap out of it, mon. You're supposed to be the big tough guy. Let's get this match underway. Three to eat chedder and four to go! (rings bell)

Roy: (blows whistle)

Mario: Did-a someone say chedder?

Yoshi: Yoshi! Hup!

Mario: Owowowow!

Bombette: A surprise start! Yoshi hit Mario with an egg while the plumber was distracted!

Mario: Let's-a go! Fireball!

Yoshi: Haa! Yoshi! Hup!

Bombette: Mario throws a quick fireball, but it's an easy dodge by Yoshi! And he's thrown another egg right in Mario's face!

Mario: *growls angerly* Hammer Throw!

Yoshi! Wah! Owowowow!

Bombette: Mario pulled out an Ultra Hammer and thrown it at Yoshi for a clean hit to the stomach!

Yoshi: Hup! Yup! (gulp)

Bombette: And Yoshi has eaten the hammer.

SC: Anyone else getting bored by this already? Random Event, go!

Bombette: And we have... four, five and two! Which adds up to eleven! Have he had eleven before? It's been so long I can't remember.

Mario: Mama mia!

Yoshi: Wah!

SC: I think for Ludwig's match, this popped up, the bottomless pit with floating platforms to fight on.

Bombette: Ah yes, I remember now. Looks like this match might get a little more airborne. Both sides are very good at ariel battle. The pit is now bottomless and both sides are on platforms across from each other.

Yoshi: Hup! Hup! Hup!

Mario: Whoa! Aha!

Bombette: Mario barely managed to dodge the small swarm of eggs Yoshi has thrown.

Yoshi: Hup! Grrrrrrrrrrrrn! Boing HA!

Mario: Whoawhoawhoawhoa Whahahahaah!!

Bombette: Amazing! Yoshi flutter jumped above the platform Mario was on then did a ground pound to send the platform spinning! Mario was flung away but Yoshi stayed on the platform!

Mario: Oof! Mama mia... Ooh!

Bombette: And Mario slammed into the Bowl wall and fell to the floor in a heap.

Roy: Ring out, Dumbo the Dino wins. I'm outta here; I got my own arena to run.

Yoshi: Yoshi yoshi!

SC: Well. That was quick.

Dicer: On the plus side, Boss, we won't have to pay as much for the camera film.

SC: Hm. I suppose you're right.

Bombette: And Yoshi's reffing, isn't he?

SC: No duh there.

Amazee: Hooray! I'm still alive! Oh wait...

SC: Sparkz, do you thing!

Sparkz: (hearts for eyes) Raichu...

SC: Well snap. Oh well, she's staring to grow on me and we still need a running gag. I suppose we'll keep her.

Amazee: Hooray! I'm still alive!

Bombette: Well that's all for today at the Mushroom Bowl tournament Battle Pit. End transmission.

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