Mushroom Bowl: Season 1 Finale
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Match 4
Opponent Faction

Lemmy vs Wendy

Announcer: Waluigi
Referee: Dicer

Waluigi: Wha ha ha! Welcome to the Mushroom Bowl! I'm-a Waluigi, your announcer for tonight, and your referee is-a the Boomerang Bro. known as-a Dicer!

sc276: I don't know if I can take this for an entire match...

Two red pipes rise in the corners of the pit.

Waluigi: Tonight is-a a clash of the Opponent Faction. Introducing the only girl among the Koopalings, Wendy O. Koopa!

Wendy emerges from one pipe.

Wendy: I may be a girl, but there's nothing my tantrums can't handle!

Waluigi: And-a now her opponent! He's-a slow when he's low, but when he's-a on the ball, he-a rolls along to victory! Lemmy Koopa!

A ball pops out of the other red pipe and lands on the ground, followed by Lemmy who lands on top of it.

Lemmy: Oh yeah! I'm feeling good! I haven't felt more limber in my life!

Wendy: Maybe if you're lucky, it'll help you recover better in the emergency room!

sc276: Time for the prediction. (rolls die) We have a 5.

A green pipe rises in front of the announcer's booth and General Guy pops out.

General Guy: Do I have to get into the electric chair?

sc276: Rules are rules, man. Strap yourself in before the Red Glove Grabbers do.

General Guy: (sits in chair and it straps him in)

sc276: Ya know the drill. Wendy or Lemmy? Name your pleasure.

General Guy: Hmm... I predict Lemmy will win because he has the advantage of speed and more experience in battle being older. Also, his element of ice trumps Wendy's water.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Waluigi: Oh, don't-a tell me that the little electric furball is back.

Pikachu: Pichu! Pika... CHUUUUUU!

Waluigi: BlahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiAAAH! Head... hurts...

Pikachu: Pi.

sc276: Oh, pull yourself together, skinny. You've got announcing to do. Remember, ya don't diss the Pokemon that runs the electric chair!

Dicer: I really don't know what's going on here. Being out for a few matches does that sometimes.

Waluigi: (rubs head vigrously with a patch of carpet) I'm-a OK now. (tosses carpet patch away)

Doopliss: Hey guys, guess what? I'm finally of the hospital- (steps on carpet patch) BlahgiblahgiblahgiblahgiAAAH! (collapses) Medic!

Lemmy: Pick a card. Any card.

Wendy: OK. (takes one)

Lemmy: Your card is the... queen of hearts!

Wendy: No.

Lemmy: King of diamonds?

Wendy: Uh-uh.

Lemmy: (somewhat desperately) Jack of clubs?

Wendy: Seven of spades.

Lemmy: D'oh!

sc276: Hey, guys. We're ready to start. Get back to your corners.

Wendy: Hmph.

Lemmy: Crybaby.

sc276: I heard that! Boy, this is the longest fight intro yet. Anyways, match start! (rings bell)

Dicer: (blows whistle)

Wendy: Candy Ring!

Lemmy: Whop! Missed me!

Waluigi: Wendy whipped out her wand and-a launched one of-a those rings at-a Lemmy, but he-a dodged to the right!

Lemmy: Ice Spread!

Wendy: Whirling Fortress!

Lemmy: Missed me again!

Waluigi: Lemmy uses his own wand to-a throw a horizonal wave of ice at-a Wendy, but she spun in her shell to-a reflect a part of it back and dodged through-a the gap, although Lemmy avoided the piece a-going back!

Wendy: No fair! Why does he get to use his ball?

sc276: Less talk, more fighting!

Pikachu: Pi!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Wendy: Time to rain on your parade. Rain of Terror!

Waluigi: Wendy threw-a magic into the air and-a made a storm cloud! It's-a raining all over the pit! Puddles are-a quickly forming!

Lemmy: Whatcha gonna do, drown me to death? Freeze Ray!

Waluigi: Lemmy whipped out his freeze ray and-a froze the water under Wendy! She's-a beginning to slip, but she-a seems to be able to-a keep her footing!

Wendy: Water Gun!

Lemmy: Ice Aura!

Wendy: What?!

Waluigi: Whoa! Just when-a the water that Wendy shot was about to hit Lemmy, it-a froze in midair and didn't harm him!

Lemmy: That's right! Anything that gets too close is gonna be frozen solid!

sc276: Dull, dull, dull! This is too one-sided! Random Event, go!

Waluigi: One, one, and three! Random event number five is-a... what?

sc276: Something Wendy isn't already doing.

Waluigi: Mama mia! Pipes are appearing and-a pouring water into the battle pit at a rapid pace! Lemmy's Aura has-a frozen the water around him to make-a an ice floe, but Wendy seems to perfer to tread water!

Lemmy: Oh man... this aura will last for a full half hour...

Wendy: I'm gonna dunk you in and froze you solid, ice breath! Now I'm in my element!

Pikachu: Pika pika!

Wobbuffet: Wobba wobbuffet!

General Guy: ...

Waluigi: Wendy has-a dived underwater! What will happen now?

Lemmy: Too easy! Here I go!

Waluigi: What the-?! Lemmy is-a rolling off the floe on his own power! No wait! His Aura is-a freezing the water before he can-a fall in.

sc276: Didn't see that coming... I think.

Lemmy: This is too slow. Ice Spread!

Waluigi: Another wave of magic and-a one half of the pit is frozen solid! Lemmy's a-rolling over to it! The shadow in the water is-a now under him and-a trying to break through!

Lemmy: Sorry, sis, but that ice is too thick for even you to break through! Ice Spread!

Waluigi: Now the other half of the pool is-a frozen! The ice is-a so thick... Can-a anyone see through that?

sc276: Sigh... There's a reason I only told Bombette about the in-pit camera.

Dicer: In-pit camera?

sc276: Yeah, I installed it for these types of situations. It's everything-proof. (presses button)

Waluigi: The camera image is-a now coming in on the big screen above the pit. Wendy's vigoursly trying to-a break out, but the ice is-a simply too thick to break, and she can't-a use Candy Rings without losing her air supply!

Lemmy: Ow! Ow! Ow!

Waluigi: Meanwhile, above the ice, Lemmy is-a having troubles, as it's-a still raining, and his Ice Aura is-a turning the drops into small balls of hail! Who will-a last it out?!

Pikachu: Pika pikachu?

sc276: No, Pikachu, you can't Thundershock the ice. That's illegal.

Dicer: Why don't you-a call another Random Event, boss?

sc276: Because this is almost over. As you may or may not know, I hate the cold! I want to get this chilly match over with!

Waluigi: Something's-a happening to-a Wendy! Her-a air supply seems to have-a run out! She's-a drowning! Big air bubble... eyes-a closing... drifting down... and she lands on the pit floor.

Dicer: Match over! Lemmy wins!

sc276: Drain the pit! Open the drainage pipes! And get General Guy out of the chair!

Pikachu (sadly): Pika...

Lemmy: I'll keep myself from dropping down. Freeze Ray!

Waluigi: Lemmy froze his-a icy surface to-a the walls of the pit to keep from a-dropping down with the water as it drains from underneath! Congratulations, Lemmy! Do you want to-a announce or ref next-a match?

sc276 (takes out G. O. Wand): Compound Fracture!

Lemmy: Hmm... I think I'll annouuuuuuuuuuuuuuunce! Off!

Waluigi: How come you-a broke the ice? I was-a talking to him!

sc276: There may be drainage pipes and a camera in there, but there aren't any ventilation shafts. Just sign us off.

Waluigi: And-a that's all tonight from-a the Mushroom Bowl tournament! End trans-

Doopliss: Hey guys, I'm back from the hospital again! All I gotta do to avoid another shock is keep away from cold water- Whoa! (trips into pit and lands in puddle) BlargiblargiblargiblargiAAAHHH!! (collapses) End transmission... and Medic! (faints) Blargiblargibla-

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