Mushroom Bowl: Season 1 Finale
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Match 3
Mushroom Faction

Luigi vs Waluigi

Announcer: Bombette
Referee: Ludwig

Bombette: Welcome, one and all, to the third battle of the Mushroom Bowl! Did you know that the Mushroom Bowl is now considered an official division of Game Over Productions?

Ludwig: And pray tell, what are the others?

Bombette: ChAos, Ltd., Schwaniger Studios, In-noying Inteviews,...

s276: Bombette, you're not supposed to discuss G. O. Productions with the fighters! They might try joining it!

Bombette: To be honest, I don't see a problem with that.

sc276: I see several, and all of them are metaphysical. Just introduce the fighters already.

Blue pipes appear in the corners of the pit.

Bombette: Fine fine... In this corner is the green-clad, younger-but-taller, high-jumping, super-hypenated Luigi Mario!

Luigi emerges from one of the blue pipes. He has the Poltergust 3000 on his back.

Luigi: I'm-a Luigi, number one!

sc276: Who let him take the Poltergust into the ring?

Doopliss: You let Peach take her parasol.

sc276: The parasol can't eat the ghost division of my army in less then a night. Hey, wait a minute - why are you still here?

Doopliss: I'm an audience member for this round.

sc276: For the moment...

Bombette: And in the other corner is the tall, skinny stick in purple and black with a bigger ego then himself, meet and haze Waluigi!

Waluigi emerges from the other pipe.

Waluigi: Wha ha ha! Waluigi's gonna be the winner!

sc276: Why do the Wario Bros. have an annoying tendacy to refer to themselves in the third-person...? Let's just roll the dang die to determine our prediction guy for this round before the "destined match" cliches start sprouting. (rolls die) And we have a... two. Two is... lemme see...

The green pipe rises in front of the announcer's booth.

Doopliss: WHOA! (falls through another green pipe that appears below him and he pops out the first one)

sc276: Oh yeah, it's Doopliss!

Doopliss: Why me? WAH!

The Red Glove Grappers strap Doopliss into the electric chair.

sc276: Now remember, you little shape-shifter of a Commando you, your chance to keep on the die depends on your guess. You also risk paralysis as this time the electricity is provided by a friend of mine.

Pikachu: Pika!

Bombette: Pikachu is a friend of yours?

sc276: It's not the one on the TV show. I couldn't find that one before the match started. Anyways, it's choosin' time! Luigi or Waluigi?

Doopliss: Tough pick, really. Luigi has some serious moves not to mention the Poltergust, but Waluigi has a ton of potentinal yet to be unlocked... All in all, I'm going with Luigi because he has more experience, not to mention that Waluigi has never been in a real adventure.

Waluigi: You just weren't there when I stole the Mischief Star Stamp! Wha ha ha, Waluigi's gonna be the winner!

Luigi: We'll-a see about that...

sc276: We have the contestants, we've had the prediction, now we just need the main show! Game start! (rings bell)

Ludwig: (blows whistle)

Waluigi: Bob-omb Lob!

Bombette: Waluigi starts by lobbing a Bob-omb at Luigi!

Luigi: Poltergust on!

Bombette: Luigi caught the Bob-omb in the suction of the Poltergust!

Luigi: Reverse!

Bombette: And Luigi launches the Bob-omb back and it explodes in Waluigi's face!

Waluigi: WHA!! You little- GAH!

Bombette: And the black one rushes the green one!

Luigi: Sidestep!

Waluigi: Waa- OOF!

Bombette: Luigi sidestepped the charge, causing Waluigi to hit the corner of the pit!

Luigi: Poltergust on!

Waluigi: Waaaa! Hey, let-a go!

Bombette: Now Luigi turned the vacuum on and grabbed Waluigi by the seat of his pants!

Luigi: Reverse!

Waluigi: Wahahahah- OOF! Mama mia...

Bombette: And Luigi sent him flying into the opposide wall!

Pikachu: Pika pika...

sc276: My thoughts exactly. This is as one-sided as it can get. Go, Random Event!

Bombette: There go the slots! The results are... Two! Three! Four! The sum is nine and that means its tightrope time!

Doopliss: Oh, not again...

Bombette: Up they climb as the floor disappears... it looks like trouble for both; Waluigi has less-then-average balance, but it'll be difficult for Luigi to handle the Poltergust and keep from falling.

Doopliss: Why'd you do that?! You took away my guy's advantage!

Pikachu: Pika pika pikachu! Pika pi.

sc276: Yeah, I'm with him. Now keep quiet and watch the match, Ghostly.

Waluigi: One foot... in front of... the other...

Bombette: Waluigi is moving slowly but steadily toward Luigi's rope!

Luigi: Oh no you-a don't!

Bombette: Now Luigi is heading toward Waluigi's rope!

Waluigi: Racket Swing! Racket Swing! Racket Swing!

Luigi: Poltergust on! Waaa...

Bombette: They've both reached the junction. Waluigi is constantly swinging a tennis racket at Luigi's rope, while Luigi is holding on and using the vacuum to shake Waluigi's rope, forcing him to hold on as well!

Pikachu: Pika pi...

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Ludwig: How'd he get in here?

Jessie: Sorry, that's mine. It keeps breaking out of its ball for some reason. (to Wobbuffet in a loud whisper as they leave) I'm gonna give you a long talk after we get back to base!

sc276: Nevertheless, I agree with both of them. Random Event slots, go!

Bombette: Three! Four! Three! That adds up to- oh no, not the Chain Chomps at ten again!

Chain Chomps: Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf!

Luigi: At least the floor's coming back- YAAAHH!


Chain Chomps: Arf arf arf arf arf!!!

Bombette: The Chain Chomps have entered the pit and have begun chasing the contestants around!

Pikachu: Pika pikachu!

sc276: Quite so! Now things are getting interesting! Except that, like last time, the fighters are too busy with the Chomps to try and fight each other like they're supossed to. As Largo would put it, there's a "small flaw in d4 pl4n."

Waluigi: Bob-omb Trail! Wha ha ha!

Bombette: Waluigi has left a trail of Bob-ombs in his wake! The explosions are discouraging the Chain Chomps from chasing him!

Waluigi: Now to take the offensive! Bob-omb Ball!

Bombette: Waluigi has whipped out his tennis racket and serving up Bob-ombs in a rapid-fire manner toward the still-being-chased Luigi! Oh, the humanity!

Luigi: Mama mia! Poltergust on! Reverse!

Bombette: Luigi is catching the Bob-ombs and blowing them up in the face of the Chain Chomp chasing him, slowing it down enough to... hop on?!

sc276: Ride 'em, plumber boy!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Doopliss: Go-igi! Go-igi!

Waluigi: Oh yeah? Yah!

Bombette: Waluigi has jumped aboard his own Chain Chomp! Now what will happen?

Luigi and Waluigi: CHARGE!

Chain Chomps: Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf!

Bombette: The Chain Chomps are attempting to knock their opponent's rider off! But from the looks of things, it's not up to just that!

Waluigi: Bob-omb Ball! Yah! Yah! Yah!

Luigi: Fireball! Fireball! Fireball!

Bombette: Waluigi's continuing to serve Bob-ombs in Luigi's general direction while Luigi's launching a volley of green fireballs back! Most are just plain missing, but a few are hitting the Chomps and some are colliding in midair!

sc276: Pretty fireworks!

Pikachu: Pika!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Ludwig: What's he doing back?

sc276: How would I know?

Jessie: Wobbuffet, you pain! Get back in your Pokeball!

Wobbuffet (while running as fast as he can from Jessie): Wobba wobba wobba wobba!

sc276: Whoo whoo whoo. Now we return our attention to the real battle going on in the Mushroom Bowl Battle Pit.

Bombette: Oh sorry, just watching Wobbuffet run from Jessie is rather entrtaining. Not much has actually happened, really; Waluigi has just used Bob-omb Trail to try and blow Luigi away, but the green guy's Chomp just barely managed to dodge in time. Chain Chomps do not have very good cornering at high speeds.

Luigi: Waaa- oof!

Bombette: Which is why Luigi just ran into a wall. But the Chomp's recovering and heading back into the fray!

Waluigi: Bob-omb Blitz! YAH!


Bombette: The explosion is blinding as Waluigi pulled at least twenty Bob-ombs from somewhere on him and threw them all at Luigi at once! The resulting unhumane explosion sent him and his Chomp high into the air!

Pikachu: Pikachu...

sc276: Yeah, that is really really REALLY high.

Bombette: Luigi's reaching the peak of his flight just short of the ceiling! He's about to come down!

Luigi: Poltergust on!

Bombette: Oh my! Goodness me! I'm seeing it and I'm not believing it! Luigi has grabbed onto the ceiling of the battle arena with the Poltergust!

Koopa (in audience, at the sight of Waluigi's shocked expression, in the same way as Nelson): Ha ha!

Waluigi (up to Luigi): You coward! Come down here and fight like a man!

Luigi (shouting back): I like it just fine up here! Fireball! Fireball!

Bombette: Luigi's launching fireballs down from the ceiling, but because of their rather slow speed, Waluigi is able to dodge them easilly, especially on top of his Chain Chomp!

Waluigi: Bob-omb Ball! Yah! Yah!

Bombette is still trying to use his tennis racket to hit Luigi with Bob-ombs, but they can't arc high enough to reach!

Waluigi: Wait a minute! That's it! Vacuum Orb!

Bombette: Waluigi popped open a blue orb and pulled out that vacuum device from Mario Party 7, and he's turned it on and aiming for the ceiling!

Luigi: Mama mia! Max Suction!

Bombette: Luigi's staring to being pulled in by the Vacuum Orb, but he upped the Poltergust to max suction power!

Luigi: Fireball!

Waluigi: Oh no!

Bombette: Luigi launched a fireball down the nozzle of the Vacuum Orb! What will happen now?!

Waluigi: Vacuum Reverse!

Bombette: Waluigi reversed the flow of his vacuum and sent the fireball back!

Luigi: Waa! Uh-oh! Mama miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Bombette: Luigi twisted to dodge the reversed fireball, but it caused the Poltergust to lose its grip on the ceiling! And now's he's falling... falling... falling...

Waluigi: Bob-omb Blitz!


Luigi: Mama miaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bombette: And there goes Luigi, flying right out of the stadium from that last Blitz!

Ludwig: Match end! Waluigi wins!

Doopliss: WHAT?! NO!!

Bombette: Congradulations, Waluigi! Against the odds, you defeated your alter ego! Do you want to announce or ref next match?

Waluigi: I'll announce for a change.

Bombette: That means Dicer will ref next match, and I get a well-deserved break.

sc276: Now for the fun part!

Doopliss: No, please, I beg of you!

sc276 (ignoring him): Pikachu, you're up!


Doopliss: BlagidiblagadiblagidiAAG! *dizzy* End Transmission...

Pikachu: Chu!

This Game's Winner Is...


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