Mushroom Bowl: Season 1 Finale
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Match 2
Opponent Faction

Iggy vs Ludwig

Announcer: Bombette
Referee: Wario

Bombette: Welcome, ladies and germs, to the second battle of the Mushroom Bowl! I'm Bombette, your announcer for tonight, and the referee is the winner of the last battle, the ever expandable Wario!

Wario: Wha ha ha! It's-a me, Wario! Hey, wait a-

Bombette: Now let's move on and meet the two Opponent Faction contestants that will duke it out in our Mushroom Bowl battle pit!

Two red Warp Pipes emerge in the pit's corners.

Bombette: Over here is the Giant Land boss and with specs that he just can't seem to clean the spirals off, meet and haze Iggy Koopa!

Iggy emerges from one of the red pipes.

Iggy: Oh yeah! I'll beat up my siblings any day of the week!

Bombette: Don't get too confidant, Iggy, as your opponent is the oldest and smartest Koopaling ever to rule the Pipe Maze, Ludwig von Koopa!

Ludwig emerges from the other pipe and lands on the ground with a slam.

Iggy: (is knocked to feet) Oof!

Ludwig: So, my opponent is just this little pipsqueak. Vhere is the challenge in this?

Iggy: Watch it! I've been training hard for these types of situations! I'll mop the floor with that big hairpiece of yours!

Ludwig: One, this is not a hairpiece; it is naturally-made hair. And two, you have that backvards!

Wario: You two don't fight until WARIO says so!

Bombette: And for our prediction guy, here's the G. O. boss, supercomputer276!

sc276: Before I roll the die and summon our newest victim- I mean, prediction guy-, I have to ask Doopliss why he's still sitting in the electric chair.

Doopliss: I'm still here because you didn't release me after the last match!

sc276: Oh yeah... (pulls out remote and presses button, removing straps)

Doopliss: (gets out) Phew!

sc276: Don't sigh with relief yet. If two comes up again, back in you go!

Doopliss: (gulps)

sc276: Trust me, that gulp was not nearly loud enough. (casts die)

Bombette: And there's the cast! The result is... Four! Who's number four?

Doopliss: Does that mean I can leave?

A green Warp Pipe appears in front of the announcer's booth.

sc276: Number four just so happens to be Petey Piranha!

Bombette: PETEY WHO?!

Petey Piranha: (bursts from green pipe, shattering it) GRAAAAAAAAAACK!

Wario: Mama mia!

Iggy and Ludwig: Wah!

Doopliss: Petey Piranha?! I doubt he can even understand English, much less speak it! Besides, he won't even fit into the electric chair!

sc276: No biggie! Game Over! Gulliver's Travels formation!

Bombette: The audience members suddenly jumped from their seats and started to pin down Petey Piranha with ropes!

Iggy: Uh, hello? I thought me and Ludwig were going to fight.

Ludwig: You're so eager to lose?

Iggy: No, just eager to beat you up.

Ludwig: In your dreams!

Bombette: The audience has now returned to their seats, and Petey Piranha has been roped, or rather chained, down like Gulliver was on Lilliput in front of the announcer booth!

sc276: (straps a shock collar around the area were Petey's neck would be) Alrightly, little plant, who do you want to win: Iggy or Ludwig?


sc276: Sorry, didn't catch that.

Petey: GRAAACK! *spits out a huge amount of graffiti and it covers a quarter of the audience* I said, "Ludwig! Ludwig!"

Bombette: Right from the plant's mouth, the predicted winner is Ludwig!

sc276: And should Iggy win, this plant will be hacked! Off the die, that is. Now the game shall begin! FIGHT! *rings bell*

Wario: Let's-a go!! *blows whistle*



Bombette: The two opponents dash toward each other! Closer... closer... BAM!

Iggy: OOMP!

Ludwig: OOVP!

Bombette: I don't believe it! They threw each other back!

Wario: Pathetic to be seen by me, WARIO! Wha ha ha!

Ludwig: So you have been vorking out.

Iggy: Yeah. Now to send you flyin'! Shell Swipe!

Bombette: Iggy curled into his shell and shot for Ludwig!

Ludwig: Shell Defense!

Bombette: Ludwig countered by spinning in place with his shell, and Iggy bounced off of it! No wait, Iggy hit a wall and is rebounding toward Ludwig, but Ludwig is still spinning and BAM! Iggy goes spinning off again!

Wario: This is-a boring.

Petey: Yeah! Can't we spice things up a little?

sc276: My thoughts exactly!

Wario: Oh no...

sc276: Random Event slots, GO!

Bombette: There go the wheels! They're slowing... Meanwhile, Iggy is continuing to bounce constantly off Ludwig! Isn't one of them getting tired?

sc276: Bombette! Hel-LO! The slots have stopped already!

Bombette: Huh? Oh yeah, they have! And the results are five, one, and one. Wait, that's seven!

sc276: Yeah, so?

Bombette: Isn't seven laughing gas?

sc276: Yeah, so?

Bombette: Are you listening to a word I'm saying?

sc276: Yeah, so?

Bombette: ... Forget it.

sc276: What?

Bombette: The same thing happened last battle!

sc276: Yeah, so?

Bombette: Are people gonna keep coming if the same random event happens over and over?

sc276: Hmm... good point. The fighters aren't affected by the stuff anyway, it seems. So let's use the second of the three Random Events. Respin those slots!

Bombette: There they go... and there they come! Five! Two! Four! The total is eleven! And that means... what?

sc276: Hee hee hee... something that'll break the shell cycle.

Bombette: Both contestants have stopped spinning and emerged from their shells, extremely dizzy, as... the floor opens up again like it did last time.

Iggy and Ludwig: WAAAA!

Bombette: Platforms are flying into the arena, and the two Koopalings quickly hop on as the floor disappears completely!

Wario: Hey, where are the tightropes like it was during WARIO's fight?!

sc276: That was nine. This is eleven. Now go ref or somethin'.

Bombette: Ludwig seems to have trouble getting on the platform! His massive girth is keeping him from climbing up and he's hanging onto the edge for dear life!

Ludwig: Vhoa... vhoa...

Iggy: Now's my change! Fire Shot!

Bombette: Iggy threw a fireball at Ludwig! Is this the end for the elder Koopaling?

Ludwig: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: No it isn't! By spinning up, not only did Ludwig securely manage to get on the platform, but he hit the fireball back at Iggy!

Iggy: Uh oh!

Ludwig: Flame Breath!

Bombette: Ludwig breathes fire on the fireball as it returns! It looks like it just tripled in size!

Iggy: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: Iggy just spun in his shell and hit the fire ball back toward Ludwig!

Ludwig: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: Now it’s back to Iggy!

Iggy: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: Back to Ludwig! The fireball's getting faster!

Ludwig: Whirling Fortress!

Iggy: Whirling Fortress!

Ludwig: Whirling Fortress!

Bombette: What is this, a battle or a game of fire tennis?

Wario: Not-a again... BOOOOOOORING!

sc276: Both these guys are getting Stale Moves after this match for this. RANDOM EVENT, GO!

Bombette: The slots spin as the fireball keeps kicking! And the results are... Three! Five! Five! And we have... thirteen? What's thirteen?

sc276: Something truly unlucky indeed... it's all in the stars...

Bombette: *looks up* Huh?! I don't believe it! Mirrors of all shapes and sizes are raining down from the ceiling!

Iggy and Ludwig: *both emerge from shells* Mirrors?!

Petey: But breaking mirrors is seven years bad luck!

sc276: Were you paying attention? Seven was taken by the laughing gas. Don't worry; I change the Random Events around after every round.

Bombette: Even more amazing! The fireball has begun bouncing between the mirrors! There's no telling where it's gonna end up!

Wario: Number seven was the same as WARIO's match!

sc276: I mean, after all the quarterfinals are done then I change them around for the semifinals and so on. Now watch the match.

Ludwig: Fire Ball! Fire Ball! Fire Ball!

Bombette: Ludwig is adding more fireballs into the mirror guantlet!

Iggy: Now why'd ya do that? You wanna see how your own fire feels.

Ludwig: Quite incorrect. In fact, by my calculations, you vill feel extreme pain very soon.

Iggy: Phht! Like that's gonna- YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOW! HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!

Bombette: How astonishing is that?! All of the fireballs hit Iggy at the exact same time!

Iggy: *collapses burnt on platform* I give! Uncle! Uncle!

Wario: Match over! WARIO is the winner! Oh, and so is Ludwig.

Bombette: Great work, Ludwig! Do you want to announce or ref for Match 3?

sc276: You think I'm giving him a choice on this matter? He's reffing!

Ludwig: And vhy is that?

sc276: Because I can't stand to hear your voice the entire time! Thank you for joining us at the Mushroom Bowl, be sure to tune in next time! End transmission!

Petey: But what about-

This Game's Winner Is...


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