Mushroom Bowl: Season 1 Finale
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Match 13
Mushroom Faction

Daisy vs Waluigi

Announcer: Bombette
Referee: Bowser

Bombette: Where is he?! We're not supposed to start a match without him! He's the one that rolls the prediction die!

666: Amazee and Corporal Sparkz have gone AWOL, and the boss is persuing them! We cannot contact him in case he's undercover!

Bombette: Well then what are we supposed to do?

666: I'll substitute for the boss until he returns, major. You just make sure this match runs as smooth as the army!

Bombette: All right, sir... *sigh* I can only hope things will work out well enough...

Bombette: Welcome, brawl fans, to the first of the two final matches of the first season of the Mushroom Bowl battle tournament! Our referee for tonight's match is the King of Dark Land and the arch-enemy of Mario, Bowser!

Bowser: Grah ha ha! I'm feelin' pumped! So pumped I'm surprised I'm not even fighting!

Bombette: Sadly, due to circumstances controlled only by a psycho manipulative flower, SC could not attend tonight's match. Shame, as for the last three matches, the field of battle is going to be a little different...


Audience: *various murmurs of surprise*

Bowser: What the-!

Bombette: That's right, folks! For the finals, the Battle Pit will instead be... the Battle Ring! Custom-fit with red and blue wrestling boundary ropes!

Bowser: I wouldn't say that's awesome, per se, but I will say that's pretty cool.

Blue pipes rise in opposite corners of the ring.

Bombette: Here are tonight's Mushroom Faction contenders! In this corner, the sports enthusiast with Kingdom Hearts on the brain, Princess Daisy!

Daisy pops out of one of the blue pipes.

Daisy: Oh yeah! I'm gonna win!

Bombette: And her opponent, the evil twin whose lameness was surpassed only by Shadow the Hedgehog, Waluigi!

Waluigi emerged from the other pipe, and both retract.

Waluigi: Wha ha ha ha! It's Waluigi time!

Wario: Hey, that's-a my line! That'll-a cost you ten bucks!

Waluigi: But I'm-a your brother!

Wario: Now ask if I-a care.

Bombette: Substituting for the boss while he's out dispensing villain justice, our Mushroomian Division Head, 666 the Fire Brother, will roll the prediction die.

666: Ten-hut! Forwaaaaaaard, ROLL! (rolls die) Result is one, major! Now reporting for duty... Mr. Game & Watch!

The green pipe rises and out pops Mr. Game & Watch.

MG&W: Beep beep beep!

Bombette: Great, and I thought we had enough problems with Petey and language.

666: Not a problem, major. During my extensive military training, I learned at least twenty different languages from around the macroverse.

Bombette: Is Game & Watch one of them?

666: The language is called Bleepbloop, and you will refer to it as such. (turns to MG&W) Now, private, Princess Daisy and Waluigi are about to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Who will be the victor?

MG&W: Beeeeeeep... beep beep bloop, beepbeepbeep, bzzzzzzzzt! Bip bip bip!

666: He believes it will be Princess Daisy, major, on account of her combat prowess that she has shown throughout the tournament due to winning against Donkey Kong and Wario, two of the strongest contenders.

Bombette: All right then. Sir, if you would be so kind...

Bowser: Will you stop with the formalities and start the dang match already?! I've got a kingdom to run over here!

Bombette: I was going to ask him to ring the bell so that the match can start.

666: Gladly, major! Contestants! CHARGE! (rings bell)

Bowser: Finally! (blows whistle)

Waluigi: Bob-omb Throw! Wah!

Daisy: Counter!


Waluigi: WAH!!

Bombette: Waluigi opened by throwing a Bob-omb, but that blew up in his face last time he used that move and it did again once Daisy batted it back.

Waluigi: Grr! Bob-omb Barrage!

Daisy: Dodge Roll!


Daisy: Whoa!

Waluigi: Wha ha ha!

Bombette: Waluigi threw a stream of Bob-ombs at Daisy. She tried to roll away, but got caught in the blast anyway!

Waluigi: How you likin' this?! Bob-omb Ball!

Daisy: Counter!

Waluigi: Racket Swing!

Daisy: Counter!

Waluigi: Racket Swing!

Daisy: Counter!

Waluigi: Racket Swing!

Daisy: Counter!

Waluigi: Racket Swing!

Daisy: Coun-!


Daisy: WAH!

666: Fifteen-love.

Daisy: Time to get up close! Sonic Blade!

Waluigi: WAH! Bob-omb Trail!

Daisy: What the-?!


Daisy: Ow...

Waluigi: Ah ha ha! Can't hit me!

Bombette: Waluigi seems to be gaining the edge quickly here! Daisy rushed at him, but Waluigi ran along the ropes, leaving a few Bob-ombs in his wake to hit Daisy!

Daisy: You're really starting to annoy me!

Waluigi: That-a, my dear, is-a the point! Bob-omb Barrage!

Daisy: Aerora!


Bombette: Waluigi threw more Bob-ombs, but Daisy managed to greatly lower the damage with a cushion of air!

Daisy: I won't go down that easy!

Waluigi: The hard way it is then!

666: Attention, contestants! Incoming Random Event! Begin slots!

Bombette: And there go the Random Event Slots! The results: four; two; one, which sums up to seven! This round is the first one with a random event lineup that includes weather effects, and as for now... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow all over the Battle Ring!

Bowser: Snow?! That's the best you guys could come up with?!

Waluigi: Mama mia, who changed the thermostat?

Daisy: Bizzarga!

Waluigi: Wah-!


Waluigi: ...!

Bombette: My goodness! Daisy's ice attack got boosted by the snowfall! She froze her opponent solid!

Daisy: Let's try this again. Sonic Blade!

Waluigi: ...!!



Bombette: Oh that HAD to hurt ladies and gents! Daisy just apparently blasted right through Waluigi with her baseball bat, shattering the ice in the process!

Daisy: Follow Up!

Waluigi: Bob-omb Throw!


Daisy: Oof!

Waluigi: Waa!

Bombette: Daisy tried to hit Waluigi while he was down, but he threw a Bob-omb and blasted them apart from each other!

Waluigi: Huff... I-a said... I won't-a don't down so easily...

Daisy: Puff... Well... me neither...

Waluigi: I'll-a end this now and-a save us both-a the trouble! Bob-omb Blitz!

Daisy: ...Aw shoot.


Daisy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh....

Bowser: Ring out! Waloser wins!

Bombette: ...Well that ended rather suddenly. And anti-climatically.

666: Without a doubt, major, without a doubt.

MG&W: Beep beep beep.

Bombette: Um, without Sparkz, how are going to punish the prediction guy?

666: Not a problem, major. I took the liberty of arranging that before the match. Observe.



Bombette: Nitro crates?!

666: That'll be all from the Mushroom Bowl battle tournament today. De-smissed! ...Uh, that's "end transmission" in military talk.

This Game's Winner Is...


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